About Us


Two meetings are held every Monday at the Kineton Village Hall, and members are welcome to attend either (or both).  The timings of the sessions are as follows:

Afternoon 12:30pm until 3:00pm.

Evening: 7-00pm until 9-30 pm.

Our membership is limited to 80 members but anyone interested in joining our group is very welcome to apply, and does not normally have to wait too long before a place is available.


We hold two exhibitions each year at Kineton Village Hall. The first is in May and is open to local artists in addition to group members. The second exhibition takes place in October and exhibits Kineton Art Group members’ work only.

Demonstrations and Workshops

Demonstrations and workshops are held on a regular basis, please see programme for details.


We are also fortunate to have John Lines as our president and he often attends meetings to provide help and guidance with our painting.



Membership is priced at £25 per year, and Saturday workshops are £20 per session.


Members introducing a visitor to a meeting or demonstration will be required to pay a fee.  The first visit to a normal meeting is free.  A visitor may attend a further three meetings (paid) before becoming a member, subject to availability.

First afternoon/ evening meeting: Free, and the following three sessions are £3.

Demonstrations: £5

Workshops: £25


Please see Constitution for further details.

ENQUIRIES: Sarah Miles   smiles-art@outlook.com