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July 2021 – Kineton Art Group’s Mini Exhibition

Sadly we can’t do the exhibition / get-together that we had planned for the 10th July due to the pandemic, however we do have a mini exhibition at Nifty Needles and Fishers! Look out for some of our members’ work in the shop windows of Nifty Needles and Fishers on the high street on Kineton village, Warwickshire. This exhibition will be on show until 12th July 2021.

Some of the display at Nifty Needles and Fishers

KAG Meetings Cancelled due to Corona Virus

Dear Members,

Please note that all meetings are cancelled from Monday 16th March until further notice.  Check your emails for updates, and see Graeme’s letter below:


Hi every member KAG


The KAG committee has  increased concern about the virus as many national, international and local EVENTS are being CANCELLED AND POSTPONED and local elections have been cancelled.


 THE members of the  KAG COMMITTEE are in agreement that KAG meetings on Monday afternoons and evenings should be stopped for the forthcoming weeks.


I know this may mean that the exhibition might be at risk but that decision will be made later.


The main reason For stopping theMonday meetings is  that most of us are in the age group that is most likely to fall fowl of the virus and as a club we must accept our responsibility to try and avoid the virus if possible.  We also have a duty to not pass on the virus to our families and friends.


I know most members will be sad that the meetings might not continue for a time but can you all consider this issue very carefully.


There will be no afternoon or evening meeting of The Kineton art Group on MONDAY 16th March and these session will be stopped and put on hold for the foreseeable future.


It has been a very difficult decision to make as we all enjoy meeting together each week. However, it is more important that our health and that of our families and friends is utmost in any arrangements we make.


Keep painting and PLEASE complete your entry forms for the exhibition on May 2 & 3 and send THEM to Pat with your fee. If all fails these entries could form the basis of the October exhibition.


Best wishes, keep well and keep in touch!




programme 2020

October 2019 Exhibition

Said by many, this exhibition beat all of Kineton Art Group’s previous ones!  With the hard work of the group, exhibition coordinator Kathryn Wickson, new contrasting display boards, cakes, tea, and piano playing, all helped to creating a wonderfully presented and enjoyable exhibition.


Here were the top 8 favourite paintings of the exhibition – not to mention the other 72 paintings that also received votes!  There were lots of favourites at this exhibition.

1st      Portland Square West by Jacky Buckingham (22 votes) – picture attached – Well done Jacky!

winning picture

2nd      Abereiddy Beach by Heather Lewis (11 votes)

3rd      Rainbow Waves by Sarah Miles (9 votes)

4th      Eating Out by John Lines (7 votes)

5th =    Splashing Around by Rachel Bird (6 votes)

French Barn b Allan Davis (6 votes)

High Summer Corner by John Lines (6 votes)

Old Thames Barge by Richard Makin (6 votes)


Look out here for more information of our next exhibition in 2020.


May Exhibition

Kineton Art Group will be holding their annual May Exhibition on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May at Kineton Village Hall.

At the exhibition there will be original artworks, giclee prints, and greeting cards created by our artists on display to admire and available to buy.

Come along and enjoy the exhibition, and the tea and cake!